How to Write an About Me Page

Maybe because our most popular service to date is the About Me page, we get a lot of questions on how to write an about me page. A lot of creatives struggle to write about themselves, and over the years, we’ve certainly seen some pretty big snafus in website bios. So what makes a good about me page? Here are our top tips.

How to Write an About Me Page

First, and forgive us if this seems a little remedial, but we get the question all the time. For most creative businesses, your about me page should be written in first person. There’s something about the feel of a third person bio that’s off putting. The last thing we want is for your prospective client to leave your site because of a lack of personal connection. It’s definitely true that third person is good for professional stuff–maybe a speaker bio, or the bio at the bottom of an article you’ve written. But for your website, use I, me, we, and us to allow your client to connect with you.

Second, and probably most important, is the most counterintuitive piece of advice. Your “About Me” page is not really about you. In fact, it’s much more about your client (just like everything else on your site should be), than it us about you. Why the heck is that? We’ve been saying it for years, but Donald Miller explains it best in his book Building a StoryBrand. Very simply put, Miller lists SotryBrand Principle One as, “The customer is the hero, not your brand.” Too many businesses–and creative entrepreneurs–position themselves as the hero of the story. It’s an easy mistake to make because we’re all egocentric. However, your prospective client isn’t reading your about me page looking for a hero. They’re looking for a solution to their problem, and when you shift the focus away from the hero and his or her problem, you’re likely to lose that prospect.

Next, KISS. Actually, that’s Keep It Short, Stupid. It may sound surprising coming from a bunch of word nerds, but less is more when it comes to words on a page. There are certainly places to be verbose (and your blog is one of them), but your about me page is best kept short and sweet. What’s the perfect length? Well, there’s less of a science to this. But if your about me is on the main page of your site, try keeping it to a 100, maybe 200, words max.

We love Showit sites because of their power to stack canvases, letting website viewers opt in to reading more about you. (Well, we love Showit sites for a lot more reasons than just that.) An easy alternative is to create a blurb somewhere on your homepage with a link to more information. But remember, there’s no need for 800 words here. That’s just silly, and it’s cruel to your readers. Max out at 500, but aim for 300.

Need Help?

Shameless plug time? Nah, we figure you’re here for a reason. It’s true that writing about yourself is tough. No amount of articles on how to write an about me page will get you there (though if you’re stuck on writing it yourself, we recommend Building a StoryBrand before you even give it a try).

If you’d like a branding expert to write your about me page for you, you’ve come to the right place. The Wordsmithery’s signature service takes care of this for you in just a few short hours. It’s painless for you, enjoyable for us, and one of those win-win-win situations. Check out our portfolio of About Me pages, or just contact us straight away.


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