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Nestled along the golden California coast amidst warm, sandy beaches and redwoods stretching toward the sun, Rust & Rose brings personal wedding photography to the Santa Cruz area. Atop mountains and reflecting in tidepools, we capture love for the free spirits, lovers of warmth, and unhurried sweethearts. 

A wedding is more than just any other day, so we love to create an experience around your photography. We love the process of capturing your in-between moments, creating memorable art for you, and making sure we all have fun in the process. 

In 2016, Blake Weber founded Rust & Rose to meet the growing demand in the Santa Cruz area for affordable wedding photography with great personality, exceptional quality, and timeless style. Every Rust & Rose photographer is extensively trained by Blake himself, ensuring that all our couples receive the artisanal service, care, and creativity that he offers in his own wedding photography business. Rust & Rose photographers are talented and qualified in their own right, bringing the same passion, joy, and creative eye to each wedding that Blake has provided to Santa Cruz area weddings for years. 

Like the light of a firefly twinkling in the night, the most precious moments of our lives are fleeting: whimsical kisses to clinking glasses at your wedding reception, the jubilation when walking across the stage at high school graduation, the first time your baby says, “Mama,” (or maybe it was “wawa,” but close enough!)...

As a wife and a mother, I know these moments intimately. I’ve experienced the joyful tears (and some sad ones), the laughter, the anticipation of standing on the brink of change just before jumping into something new and beautiful. It is because of my own experiences that I know the importance of not just capturing, but remembering, those moments.

I photograph because you will want to relive the romance of your wedding. Because graduating from high school is a milestone. Because your baby won’t smile at you like that forever (trust me, I know). Your fleeting moments are as important to me as my own, and I want to preserve them for your children and their children, and especially for you. 

I am a San Antonio wedding photographer, a Starbucks aficionado, a connoisseur of vintage, a drinker of Starbucks, a pizza fiend, and a lover of people. Invite me to capture your fleeting moments. 

The whispering song of adventure, a serendipitous meeting of two strangers who fall in love, the comforts of family laughing around the dinner table, dreams coming true before they are dreamt: life is meant to be celebrated. 

I want you to remember the feel of the long walk down the aisle as you made your way toward your soon-to-be husband. I want you to remember the excitement of the future as it lay before you. I want you to remember your vows, and his, and the way he had to stop and clear his throat as he said them. I want you to remember your first of many celebrations at the start of your new family, two people embarking on an adventure together. 

I want to celebrate this, your marriage, not only because I love weddings and family, but because of my faith in the ultimate love story. I want you to cherish your wedding as you cherish your marriage. 

I’m Sarah, a dream chaser, a lover of life, a passionate soul. I travel the world in search of beauty, and find it in the simplest of things. Let’s wander off the beaten path, hop a fence to explore the unknown, chase sun rays across the globe, brave a stormy day, find your fairy tale, and make your dreams come true. I pour my heart and soul into capturing wedding adventures, and it would be an honor to capture your story.

Adventure is calling. I hear it in a bustling airport, where the rubber meets the road, at the place where the breeze is always blowing, and I am an adventurer, so I answer. With the scene set and my camera in hand, I set out. 

My greatest adventure, my love story, began in an airport as the apex of a road trip up the east coast: the first time I’d met the man I’d eventually call husband was there, in the flurry of comings and goings. 

We went. And when we arrived, we continued to go, because the adventure continued to call, and we traveled through it to the altar, to parenthood (twice), and to being in the business of creating moments. 

This is where my path and yours meet, where our adventures become the same for a moment in time, because I am a wedding photographer for people who like to take chances. I live in the moment when a couple is living in front of my lens, and I breathe for the chance to take a chance with you. 

My name is Jessica Cooper, and I am a South Jersey wedding photographer, a lover of living in the moment, a believer in love at first sight, a risk taker, an adventurer.

Life is a beautiful canvas, being painted as we live each day--as we find love, seek adventure, build our stories, and dream. And me, I’m a painter, revealing the beauty of everyday life through my photography: mixing colors as I make you laugh in front of my camera, painting a stroke by finding golden light, placing a finishing touch through putting you at ease. 

My name is Madison Kiley and I am inspired by you. I believe in weddings and true love, and I want to use my camera to paint a beautiful day in your life together. I have the dream job, the adventure-in-every-moment, being surrounded by love and challenged to capture it an honest way. On my canvas, women see their true beauty, forget the stress of wedding planning, and, instead, relish the happily ever after, the reasons to love, the freedom in sharing life with the one they love. 

I am proud to be a painter of love, enthralled to find myself caught up in a moment, honored by the trust that is placed in me, and excited to tell the stories I see as only I can. 

I am inspired. 
The way I feel when a Polaroid photo springs out from the camera; the anticipation of holding it in my hands and waiting for the image to appear; the instant connection when it does. 
The casual day off, spent outside in the glorious canvas of God’s creation. 
The ability to craft something with my own two hands, with my unique eye, bringing to life the vision in my mind; the process of making things, creating them from the beginning, and sculpting them into a refined product. 
The moment at the end of the aisle when my father shook the hand of my soon-to-be husband, and it didn’t matter who had designed my dress or if the wedding cake would be any good, because I was about to marry my soulmate, my best friend, my love. 
The pile of old family photos, taken because everyday life was important, because my family believed in documenting. 
The sand between my toes, the sun dripping warmth onto my face, the smell of a salty breeze wafting under my nose. 
The challenge of existing in a world of beautiful sounds that I can’t hear. 
The look you exchange with your fiancé over our cups of coffee when I ask about how you met. 

It’s this mix of heart-swelling joys and ephemeral moments that inspire me to document the passing beauty around me. Being hearing-impaired hasn’t been easy, but it has given me an exceptional ability to view and preserve moments as they happen, and the struggles I’ve faced have built in me a fierce determination to share my perspective. I am blessed to do what I love and to have the support of my loving husband; and I don’t take for granted either of those gifts. 

Snapshots from my childhood: that’s where it really began for me, my love of photographs. My family moved a lot, and we didn’t live close to friends or family. But my dad was always taking photos, and every time we settled into a new place, we had those images, those memories, as reminders of the people and the moments that were important. To remind us of what had been. There’s a nostalgia to be found in those old photos, a personal connection I make with them as I flip through boxes of snapshots. 

The funny thing about photos is that no one remembers the taker. We just remember what it was like to be caught up in that moment, with that person. We recall, as we thumb through years of memories stored neatly in a box, how we felt. Who we were. We begin to see the legacy we’re creating for ourselves. 

For me, the magic of photography isn’t in the taking of the pictures, because I don’t do it for myself. It’s the photographs that hold me enraptured; it’s the moment frozen in time, the natural reaction to something surprising, the laughter you tried to hold back but couldn’t: the real you, preserved in a box of snapshots, ready to be browsed through by someone you love, and to look back and remember yourself, your loved ones, and life as is was at that time. 

I want to bring you that opportunity to look back, to create a legacy, to preserve things as they are now, because tomorrow, they will be different, and remembering is sweet.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Riette, a Virginia wedding photographer. I love the color teal and shopping at Target. I snack all day long, am an Apple enthusiast, and adore my two cats, Melody and Harmony. 

My heart for photography is founded in relationships. I want to meet up with my brides for breakfast after they return from the honeymoon, have coffee with my couples to hear how the first year of marriage went, and photograph their families when the time comes. I’m fulfilled, energized, and enthused by building these lasting relationships, and I love how photography connects me with people. 

The ability to capture moments for you is another goal of my work. I remember, growing up, there were three or four years that my family was without a camera. We missed the chance to capture a lot of sweet memories as we played in the yard, baked in the kitchen, and celebrated holidays and birthdays. Even once we did have a camera, we weren’t professional photographers (sorry mom!), so the photos weren’t high quality. Because of that, I want you to look through your photos and be able to picture the moments as they happened. I take pride in giving my clients images that are clean, bright, and timeless - images that, in 30 years, will represent your wedding day as it was when you said, “I do,” without trendy edits that will make your children laugh at the way things were done back in your day. 

It’s an honor to be a part of your wedding day, your special family moments. I cherish the opportunity to make you smile, and to preserve your memories for the ages.

I am a spontaneous storyteller of radical love, using my camera to tell tales of beautiful elopements, intimate weddings, and those unabashedly chasing the dream of a fulfilled life. I am a left-brained dreamer who believes in the adventure of marriage, in holding relentlessly to the hand of the one you love, in painting stars in the sky together, in setting the world on fire. 

While there are photographers who love the glitz and glam of a wedding day, I live for simplicity, telling your love story with unflinching authenticity, the mishaps along with the moments, always a documentarian, true to who you are as a couple, and who I am as an artist. 

I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings in Dallas, Texas and New York City, documenting each emotional love story with the same passion as if it were my own. 

I know you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day, and finding the perfect Phoenix wedding photographer for you is as hard as finding the Joey to your Monica & Chandler. I remember that, in looking for my own wedding photographer, I cared most about finding someone I could trust... someone I knew could make us laugh and catch the moment, someone who would make us feel like naturals in front of the camera. Through my search for the best photographer for us, I found a passion for photography myself. I love life, and I love love, and for the last two years, the love stories of the couples I meet have been inspiring me to be the Phoenix wedding photographer I wanted for myself. So let’s sit down for a cup of coffee (Dutch Brothers, obviously), admire each other’s shoes, and chat about the fun plans your have for your wedding. 


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