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Whether you're looking for a few pages of website copy, a year's worth of catching up on blog posts, or just the right words for your marketing brochure, professional copywriting makes all the difference in your brand. 

When you hire me for your copywriting, I'm not just throwing some words on a page. My process includes a consultation, in-depth discovery, and same-day turnaround. 

Cost: varies based on project, so please inquire for details


Signature About Me

Too often, we don't know what to write about ourselves. Should it be in first person or third? Is it bragging if I say this? Will clients judge me if I say that? And, worst of all, what's the point of the About Me page, anyway?

Don't stress. With my signature process, we'll get your About Me in ship shape--in a jiffy, too. Just like all copywriting projects, About Me pages are written in a single day, and when we're finished, you'll have a piece of copy that transcends you and speaks to your ideal clients.

Cost: $350


Brand Messaging

Brand messaging with me is consultative, addressing the problems of where you're currently at and building a bridge to where you'd like to be. So, rather than being a static product or programme, we tailor this to fit your needs. If you have a well-established brand but people aren't booking, we'll look at the problem (and fix it). If you're getting no response to your inquiry replies, we'll craft something unique and perfect for your brand--something that speaks to your person. 

Simply put, we'll review what you're putting out into the world and make sure it's bringing in what you want. 

Cost: $200/hour with a 2 hour minimum



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