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Brand Coaching, Messaging, & Strategy

Brand is so much more than your logo, fonts, and colours. It is the identity of your business, the way people feel about what you offer. And, just like with people, first impressions matter. Work with Megan for a deep dive into your brand, learning how to attract your client on a core level.

Yes, you'll cover visual brand, but only as an extension and expression of who your brand is and how to reach your people. 

Cost: starts at $400 for a coaching session; full strategy and messaging for $2200


Signature About Me

Too often, we don't know what to write about ourselves. Should it be in first person or third? Is it bragging if I say this? Will clients judge me if I say that? And, worst of all, what's the point of the About Me page, anyway?

Don't stress. With Megan's signature process, we'll get your About Me in ship shape--in a jiffy, too. About Me pages are written in a single day, and when we're finished, you'll have a piece of copy that transcends you and speaks to your ideal clients.

Cost: $350



Whether you're looking for a few pages of website copy, just the right words for your marketing brochure, or the perfect sales page for your product, professional copywriting makes all the difference in your brand. 

When you hire us for your copywriting, we're not just throwing some words on a page. Our process includes a consultation, in-depth discovery, and same-day turnaround. 

Cost: varies based on project, so please inquire for details


Email Marketing

Looking to revive a stale email list or build a new one from scratch? Email marketing campaigns are key to any good business these days, and we love to watch entrepreneurs succeed through the power of automated email marketing. 

Whether you need three emails or a hundred, we're here to take the hard work out of your most powerful sales tool, giving you the chance to work however you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want whilst your campaigns do the heavy lifting.

Cost: prices start at $150 (you really can't afford not to)


Content Marketing, Blog Posts, & SEO

Content is king, as they say, but not every business is equipped to feed the monster. If you are looking to draw in ideal customers, entice subscribers to your mailing list, and build authority, or if you're simply looking to be found, content marketing is the way to make your dreams come true.  

We find that most businesses need a mix of great content, blogging, and SEO, so we tailor our solutions to best fit your needs, our quick turnaround time assures that you'll be ready to rock within a week.

Cost: depends on the size and scope of the need, so please inquire for an accurate quote


Social Media Management

You've probably watched 8 million webinars this week alone on how to kill it with social media. But who has time for that? You're off being your awesome self, and we support that! 

Take advantage of our social media services, which allow you to get back to doing what you love and ensure that your presence is still felt (and well-represented) on the major social media platforms. Sure, you could keep promising yourself that you'll do it, but how often has that worked for you?

Cost: varies based on number of posts and platforms, so please inquire for details



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